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One of the exceptional opportunities within the project PragueLOPArt is to buy a piece of art on demand.

It is possible to order: painting or a series of paintings, art work, or works according to your wishes with the series of images, or without, letting you design the entire interiors like. You have the possibility to cooperate directly with the artist.If you know what you want, what you like, what are your ideas like, which color or the combinations of colours you like, what your interior, or you have imagination how is you interior would look like. You have your style, you want a particular technique, material, size, etc., so you're ...

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Exhibition of oil paintings Golf Resort Telč 2017
The exhibition of Monika Brchelová´s oil paintings takes place at Golf Resort Telč from 25.9. to 30.11.2017. Come and play golf on the beautiful playground and look at the Monika Brchelová´soriginal exhibition of oil paintings. Video catalog to view here. We are looking forward to seeing you at Golf Resort Telč at Vanov 21, 588 56 Telč. Next year you can enjoy here oil painting exhibition with golf theme. 
The exhibition art of Monika Brchelová it the Golf Resort Písek 2017 in Kestřany

I cordially invite you to my exhibition, which takes place in the Golf Resort Písek, there is wonderful nature. Come and play golf and get  inspire by art. You can find my paintings at the exhibition for good prizes. It's a great idea for a great trip. There is a nice restaurant with a view, great playground, nice people.


Golf Resort Písek
Kestřany 70
398 21 Kestřany

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The team of PragueLOPArt is so happy to introduce you new e-shop which it consits four amazing part: PAINTINGS FOR SELL, FOR ORDER, ONYX, THE BEST FOR ART

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